AB InBev revives 20 years discontinued traditional lambic brand

Will this come in a 30-pack of cans?


I love how this announcement is from the pen of their “High-End Marketting Manager”. Do they have a “Mass-produced rubbish” and a “Surprisingly decent, considering” marketting manager too?


Can I propose that all the wonderful admins who willingly donate their time helping maintain the integrity of the data on ratebeer be given a free bottle of this as a thank-you for their hard work.


No point getting all negative til we’ve tasted it.


Completely agree. We can never know if it’s good or not without tasting it


Semi-related - looking at Belle-Vue beers:

La Becasse Framboise (alias) Lambic Style - Fruit - 8/21/2001
La Becasse Gueuze (alias) Lambic Style - Gueuze 5.6 2/27/2004
La Becasse Kriek Lambic (alias) Lambic Style - Fruit 5.2 7/12/2000
La BĂ©casse Kriek Extra (alias) Lambic Style - Fruit 4.3 9/14/2004

The aliased beers are blank to the right side - no info there means I’m less likely to think I’ve not rated a beer when using iPhone. My memory says this is a new thing. Alias beers used to have 0 ratings shown? I think. Also putting alias in beer name? This is good.


Yes we can.


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? Alias is not in the name ?

no - but the term appears right after the name

go to this page and look at the very bottom beers listed


Doesn’t look different from other aliases on RB for me but many of have been using different versions of RB so who knows?