AB Ritas

Are these even beer anymore?


They do not even say Bud Light anymore. Did they ever have beer?

A refreshing splash of Bud Light.

“Don’t be fooled, however, because Bud Light Lime-A-Rita doesn’t have tequila or even beer in it. It’s a malt beverage. But it packs a punch with 8% alcohol by volume. Most beers are between 3-4%, and most margaritas are somewhere between 5%-and lose your pants% by volume.”

Well there we go. These should definitely be unrateable.

If the alcohol is from malt fermentation, how is that not “beer”?

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I was thinking down malt beverage in fact = Malt Liqour.

Having seen the chemical plant in St. Louis that produces bud light in various forms, one might argue there’s no beer in many of that plant’s products.

Seems like a cheaper option to Omnipollo.


Well, we do not allow alco-pop like Smirnoff Ice, which is also a malt beverage. This seems like a boozier version of that.

A bit complicated?

Smirnoff Ice , 5% ABV. In the United States, it is a malt beverage ; elsewhere it is vodka-based. … A lime-flavoured malt beverage sold in the United States, 4.5% alcohol.


The VK Kick alcopops are branded as fruit flavoured vodka drinks. However a while back I was surprised to see that they were ratable. Apparently they are 53% beer. So would that translate as malt beverage.


Well fine then. It still does not change that US Smirnoff Ice and other alcopops/malternatives are not rateable here… although it looks like Redd’s is, but the name is deceiving.

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I need to know where I can get my hands on this filth!

Knock yourself out😀

“VK Mixed Pack - ASDA Groceries” https://groceries.asda.com/product/ready-to-drink/vk-mixed-pack/910001537244

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