Abbaye de Vauclair Blonde and Abbaye de Vauclair Bière Blonde = actually different beers

In a case of marketing and branding gone absolutely mental, thanks to a rater that will remain anonymous, we have found out that two Lidl-brand quasi-abbey beers that appear almost the same - Abbaye de Vauclair Bière Blonde and Abbaye de Vauclair Blonde are two different beers.

They are both, technically, blond beers - brewed by Goudale for Lidl, at 6.something percent. The first one has been around for ages. The second one - dunno. I know that people have mistakenly rated the second one as the first one - as I’ve found the second one’s GTIN linked to the first one. And it’s an honest, obvious mistake. The branding is actually different. The first one should be called Abbaye de Vauclair - and just that, the Bière Blonde is just a descriptor - but one that people will use while searching and just get the second one if it’s not stated. The second one is the Abbaye de Vauclair Blonde. So it’s named Blonde, it’s not just a blonde. Confusing? Right.

The ingredient lists are different too - from the same country, so assuming to the same standards. The first one boasts water, malt, wheat, dextrose, caramel syrup, fructose, caramel coloring and ascorbic acid, while the Blonde just boasts water, malt, glucose syrup and hops. So inviting in both cases. And they are available side by side. The things I waste my time on…

Long story short… they are now split. Go us. Yay. Some people will get new ticks. Yay for that. If someone’s rating is in need of moving, ask here.


Good work!

These should definitely be on the scavenger hunt list this year.

Good eye!