Accidental Infection

Drinking a 12oz bottle of Lawyers, Guns, and Money by Crazy Mountain. Somehow this got infected with Brett. Pretty nice accident. Anyone have any good accident beers recently?

I had an infected beer the other day that tasted like burnt toast soaked in apple cider vinegar and smeared with really low quality blue cheese. So I guess my answer to your question is no.

That’s a happy little accident.

The worst infection I ever smelled was a Zwickel that, once uncapped, filled the room with a whiff of tuna can water.

I’ve had that beer literally hundreds of times and I still don’t believe that. Also, wasn’t it a flip top bottle?

sometimes the infection that gives these strawberry jam flavours can be pleasant if the base beer is right. I’ve had two of those this year.

Well, as you know, I care so much about that beer that I clearly must have constructed a story with ever-changing details.