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Achel potentially losing its Trappist designation

A pretty well balanced article here:

Basically, last monks left the monastery at the end of the year, but brewing is still supervised by Westmalle monks apparently. The beer probably won’t change any, but they are potentially losing a pretty solid marketing boost. Wonder what will happen…

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Too bad. I’d volunteer but I’m pretty well out of the running for monkhood for a number of reasons…

Maybe they just become like St. Bernardus or Triple Karmliet? Abbey in name only?

Makes me wonder if those beers were initially made by monks. Or any other for that matter.

A long-running problem amongst a few trappist monasteries. Personally I would’ve thought thered be more interest nowadays. There was a great ‘slow TV’ documentary behind the scenes of a monastery in England not long ago. Seems a very stress-free life. Not for me though.

This is episode 1


Not sure whether it will have that much impact marketing-wise: they can still call it a trappist beer, they will only lose the logo on the bottle.
And from the Belgian trappists, they were already the least marketed with the smallest volume. Not sure how much of their beers were exported but for local volumes I don’t think them losing the label will make a difference… many Belgians don’t even differentiate between trappist and abbey beers when ordering & buying.


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