Add beers to beer cellar?


I must be either daft and / or crazy, but I cannot see to find any way to add a beer to my beer cellar. I obviously have done so in the past, but that is several years ago. I cannot now find any way to add a searched beer to my cellar, nor is there (what I can see) any way from the Cellar page to search for beers to add.

Appreciate any help regarding this.


the URL is:

There are buttons “add me” in offers and wants on the top right.

You can get there by clicking on the distribution info (on the old beer page) of a beer. I am not sure how this works in the new beer page (which you might or might not already have).

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Still trying to find this function. Is it gone? Not seeing it at all… I added beers as recently a month ago

I use the solution @SinH4 mentioned above, but add the beer-ID after /distribution/

For example: Boon/Mikkeller collab below:

Use the Favorites, it’s a somehow good replacement for Cellar :stuck_out_tongue:

Typing in a separate URL to get to the old distribution page is clunky, is there really not a way to do this from the current beer overview page? Favorites is nice but you cannot add details like vintage.

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Using favorites is a nice thing, but doesnt solve the problem. If I’m looking for a special beer and want to know who has it in his cellar and whom I might ask for a trade - I cant do this any more. I really hope this will be solved soon!