Adding a beer pic on the beers page

Whats the preferred method? Just the container it comes in, bottle/can or the container and the glass your sloppin it from. Does it really matter?

I like to add an official photo or logo from the brewery if possible. Next best would be a photo the package / tap badge etc. Generally something that helps you identify that you are rating the correct beer is better than a generic glass of beer.

I can’t find the thread now but something along these lines came up a few months on the old forums in an unrelated thread. I think generally “it doesn’t matter” is right as long as there is something that clearly identifies the beer.

An admin can correct me if this is wrong but if I am remembering correctly a fairly flexible hierarchy of preference went something like this:

  1. Image of the pump clip / bottle label - the sort of the thing the brewery will post on its official website or social media pages for example
  2. Image of the bottle/can - same as above. Or a photograph you’ve taken of the tap handle, bottle or can (making sure that’s the only thing visible, so no people etc.)
  3. If none of that then a photo of the beer in a glass that doesn’t display another brewery’s logo

Apparently joet still hasn’t fixed the ability for admins to replace images so as long as you upload something relevant it’s fine, or so I was told.


Thanks! I’ll just keep doing what I do.