Adding a cidery as «place»

Why can we not add a cidery as a place? Rating cider is part of RateBeer, why not rate a place that offers ciders in bottles? In Norway more and more cider producers are popping up in the countryside these days. They are allowed to sell high ABV ciders from their own farm. Sadly, microbreweries can only sell beers to go up to 4.7 % I would like to rate cider places!

Plenty added on RateBeer as breweries. I’m sure @services could see if Cidery could be added to the list for selection.

I have some local cideries in mind, but do not want to list them as «Microbrewery» or «Brewery» Adding a category as «Cidery» would be great!

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At least for then moment, adding them as breweries is better than not adding them at all

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