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Adding a new place as a cidery

Why can we not add a cidery as a place? Rating cider is part of RateBeer, why not rate a place that offers ciders in bottles? In Norway more and more cider producers are popping up in the countryside these days. They are allowed to sell high ABV ciders from their own farm. I would like to rate cider places!

I wrote this in August 2019 under Site News, nothing has happened. How hard can it be to fix this??? Should be an easy fix? It is NOT the same adding a new cider place and have to chose between beer store/brewery/brewpub

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Someone got high expectations.
Do fully agree with you that that should be possible. That would actually be an IMPROVEMENT.
However if they are able to implemetn that without creating alot of other errors that I do doubt.
@discobot will @services manage to implement cidery as rateable place?

Hei! Finn ut hva jeg kan gjøre, si @discobot vis hjelp.

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