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Adding beer - ENTER/RETURN bug

If I try to use enter to chose a beerstyle from the list / search list, then it both choose the marked styl, AND register it as saving / finishing the add beer process. Please fix this

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Do not expect to much KS.
As I told @joet seeing is believing.

What’s the issue? I think I have a solution but not 100% sure as to what the original post is actually stating is an issue.

Make sure you aren’t using a return somewhere. Finger or mouse click - depending on hardware.

When you’re adding a new beer, and get to beer style, you either scroll down the list of styles, or start typing and get suggestions depending on what you write. When a beer style is marked in the list, it should be possible to choose that style with pressing the enter button on your keyboard, like in any other program or situation. In this case, it both choose that beer style, AND finishes the add-new-beer by saving the new beer. Usually before finishing all the data. This is horribly bad programming made by a 2 year old. Are there 2 years old members of your staff @joet?!

There is a similar problem in adding places. I think that trying to create two lines in hours by pressing execute/enter saves the incomplete place entry. Never forget that this database has been growing in complexity for nearly two decades. Mostly by volunteers working after their real job hours. Now that there are paid programmers, they may be finding it extremely difficult to sort out the hidden nuances. @inbreak @joet

Just replicated this issue and I understand, this shouldn’t occur (also happens when you do it in reverse order; beer style and then brewer). I’m really sorry that this is happening.

Whilst we try to be thorough in testing every use case, sometimes we do miss some (it might be why it’s taken so long for this case to be tested and raised to our attention… unless users were putting up with it).

From an experience perspective; I personally don’t think a return should ever save a form unless you’ve tabbed to it or physically click on it. We’ll get the devs to have a look at this and hopefully get a fix in asap!


Thanks @aww ! I guess I’m used to tabbing our clicking out. I hadn’t caught this one. Thanks all for the identification of the issue and aww for getting a ticket into the system.

i think has come up before, for example:

Avoid return/enter until ready to enter

Just an update.
This bug is now in staging and will make it into the next available release.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience with this one :beers:


We cannot use ENTER/RETURN anymore to switch to a new line / breakline in the beer description when adding a new beer because of that change.
This will need to be fixed.
@services @aww

Been awhile - and I can’t recall the terminology, but can’t something like [br] be used?

yes it works but it looks awful and take much more time doing so

sentence1< br >sentence2


sentence1 [pressed return]

Yeah we’re NOT going to do that. :upside_down_face:
Team is looking at a fix now, it’s a little tricky but we’ll get there.

So much about beer in that little quote!

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