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So I had this beer this afternoon at the bar on Wekiva Island. I thought it was brewed by Tampa Bay Brewing but not sure why I thought that. Below is untapped listing but not sure I buy it. I don’t think this is a brewery but like no information anywhere. Although tap handle was unique. Is anyone a better googler than I?

All of the web Wekiva Island beer stuff seems to relate to “The Bar at Wekiva Island” - which makes no claim to brew beer. You might call them quick while it’s still on their minds.

Phone number

(407) 862-1500

From Zomato

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Yea kayaked my way there today if I think of it I’ll call, I’m fairly certain it’s permanent since had tap handle made and everything.

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According to this page the bar’s name is The Tooting Otter

This FB page is theirs, and it mentions Southern Tier brewing a pale ale for them

And this page mentions that Southern Tier has been their partner for the last 8 years

So there is every reason to suspect that it’s a Southern Tier beer I would say

Back on the bar - The Tooting Otter is a rental space behind the bar:

" Rate: $650 on Weekdays.$1250 on Weekends/Holidays.

Capacity: 25-30
The Tooting Otter Craft Beer & Wine Bar also known as our “General Store”

This is our newest space to open up! It is directly behind the bar. This space is for rent. It is comfortable for up to about 25-30 guests. The TV may be used to play videos or presentations.

Bookings of the Tooting Otter must be first approved by management."

Which has nothing to do with a beer, just more indication that there’s no brewpub there.

And this is?

That pointed to some clarification:

" If you’ve ever been sitting riverside at Wekiva Island, soaking up the Florida sun and sipping on some of Southern Tier Brewing Co.’s beer, you might have noticed the phrase “Why the hell not?” on the side of the can. Just like Southern Tier Brewing Co, (our partner of 8 years!), that phrase has come to symbolize a certain spirit we’ve had since day one. For us, it was when the Weinaugs set out to redesign a very cool place at the end of Miami Springs Drive in Longwood, FL – called Wekiva Island .

It’s an appreciation that not only rolls along the beautiful Wekiva River, but also rolls along the countryside in Western New York – the sleepy little community nestled amidst the Allegheny Mountains where our founders (both Bill and Mary Sue Weinaug) have their roots, family and friends.

It has come to mean a certain determination—equal parts work ethic and willingness to challenge convention. It’s what makes Wekiva Island and Southern Tier what they are today, and it’s what motivates us at Wekiva Island to be the best we can be, from offering the best options at the Tooting Otter Craft Beer & Wine Bar to championing our sustainable efforts.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the Wekiva crew recently made the journey back up to Southern Tier New York and is why we decided to relaunch one of the top performers from the lineup, Tooting Otter Blonde Ale! Check out the live feed from the relaunch …
Wekiva Island has the pleasure of bringing you these greats from Southern Tier:"

Overall I read that to mean the beer is not a collaboration. Pure Southern Tier.

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Thanks for leg work gents. I did think it was odd seeing Southern Tier taps as not all that common round here. What a random partnership.

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