Adding Beers: Notes Field?

I wonder if it would be a good idea if a field was introduced so that someone adding a beer can include notes that can be seen by admins . I’ve added a few beers where admins have actually changed the details I entered to something incorrect. I.e. I recently added a coconut porter brews for a shop called Cobbetts. It was called CoCobbetts. I predicted that this may cause confusion and it did - an admin changed it to Cobbetts. If there was a field I could have added a note. Would be useful for special versions of existing beers, those requiring aliases, etc.


You can either click Send Corrections (can we?) by clicking the 3dots Icon top right on the beer page, or you go to the forum topic

which is always pinned to the right on the forum main page

I do report corrections. But a notes field seems like common sense, the ability explain anything relevant at the outset. Would have saved time for whichever admin made an unnecessary correction on this beer. Same applies for Places.

I agree with this, an optional “notes to admins” field would be nice to prevent things like this happening.

It’s not too common to be honest but I’ve added a few like this in the past where I’ve wanted to clarify something to admins in notes, be it intentional typos in names, or omitting/abbreviating part of a really long name, and the kind of stuff like you pointed out where it’s actually correct but may look like a typo or something so it gets changed unnecessarily.

A similar thing is when a beer straddles two styles, I’d like to justify to admins why I chose to add it as such a style (random examples might be a sour IPA and adding it as a sour rather than an IPA, or adding a farmhouse IPA as a saison, these can be argued both ways).