Adding Beers on the Brewery page

What happened? I don’t see an obvious option to add a beer. Now I have to scroll down to add a beer and have to enter the Brewery, etc.

So many platforms. So many opportunities to screw things up.


There is actually a large blue button saying “+ Add Beer” just on top of the filtering options. Maybe it’s not showing on every platform, device etc.?

It wasn’t displayed on my phone either, but it was there when I tried it on PC.:thinking:

The large blue button is not on the main brewery page, you have to click “show more” and get to the full list of beers first. The beer list is so spread out now and the filtering options are really unhelpful for raters, the page looks designed with a layout for SHOPPERS and am sure it’s only a matter of time before extra “buy now” buttons appear

I think that’s only on mobile but not on PC.

Using my mobile, both on the mobile site and desktop site, there’s no blue button to add a beer, even when I click on more. Shrugs.

Right now after the first displayed beers, you click SHOW MORE and you should get the options for filters, search, sorting options and a + to add beers from there.


Ahh, there’s the rascally rascal! Thanks!!

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Unnecessarily unintuitive change


Those options seem to have disappeared.
Yeah it is the show more at the end of the list of beers. My bad.

Now the add a beer appears to have disappeared again.

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