Adding Beers to the RB database

I feel like I’m adding 2-3 beers a week to the Rate Beer database. I have no problem with that because the New Hampshire craft beer scene is hopping. But I’m wondering why so many beers are missing. I’m also uploading a bunch of photos. I am very happy to help promote craft beer in this way but are you adding a lot of beers or beer photos too?

I’m probably also adding about a dozen per month. There are many new beers being released these days, and someone has to add them.


The short answer is beers are coming out faster than people come up with them. I often add beers to the database for Ontario that I have not had but I’m an admin and I’m betting not a lot of other people are doing that.

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I do this all the time. Especially as there are so few people covering the South of England.

Do also get the impression from comments on here that a lot of people either can’t be bothered to add beers or don’t realise they can.

Yeah same here, so many beers coming out every week in the UK.

I’m not an admin but I wouldn’t be surprised if I reached 1 new beer a day (on average) at the moment it feels like every few days or so I’m adding 2-4 new beers. Most aren’t even local to me, I just follow a lot of my favourite UK breweries so I add their beers whenever I see them announced. It’s not fun but I don’t mind doing it to be honest.

I only add what I drink (generally). I try to add pics when convenient. I think I added about five beers in the past two days and another 2 are in my queue. I am in NYC by the way.

Adding 2 to 15 a week - depending on what’s going on locally in Capitol Hop Shop and bottle shops. Can’t rate, if ya don’t add on a lot of the new product. Pictures 0 to 5 a week - depending on availability and what I’m posting on

What ya drinkin’ part XIX

Many beers are missing because the number of new beers coming up is growing exponentially and the RB community isn’t really growing right now.
The slow but needed overhaul of the website and introduction of the new App has introduced so many bugs and the lost of many features that makes it difficult for RB to compete over UT.

Also, the there has been a mass exodus of the big users following the AB-Inbev market shares acquisitions. (Here in Quebec, most of the top raters left, and new users go to UT).

As for the pics, there is no quick way to take a beer pic right now with the App. You simply can’t with the app, and using the website It should be a 1-2 step but right now it almost takes a minute with 4-5 steps to do so, so many people just don’t do it.

I personally entered a 500 to 1000 new entries over the last 5 months and currently add around 10-20 new entries each week, trying to keep up with my region. I added and updated 1000+ beer pics which were missing and the other regional Admin also did a great job to keep up with the Places too. And even if we enter them, most of the entries are empty (because there’s simply no user that rates them or because, like me, they tick them and their rating doesn’t show up).

I feel like I’ve added the entire database of beers for certain countries.

Here in the DC area where there are quite a few RB users still, most of us still probably enter a ton every month as so many new beers pop up. The brewpub I used to live near, Right Proper, had a new one every week or so, and I was usually the first to see it.

Also seems like nobody from RB is in Miami, so if you ever go there expect to enter a lot, including new breweries.

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Sometimes it feels like every other beer needs to be entered. And I’m someone who is usually at least 3 months behind on entering ratings. It’s the entering brewers who have been open for over a year that kills me.

This is exactly the problem. The number of ACTIVE RB users right now cannot meet the demand for all the new stuff coming out. A problem UT doesn’t have.That leaves a lot of job for the local admins but at the same time, the new stuff entered is already verified so I guess this is not a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue: