Adding Kernel beers - hops reminder


First time I’ve come across one for a while but noticed a duplicate entry added for a Kernel beer I rated yesterday.

Post edit … just found another one from the same user when I just checked the Kernel listings.

Just a reminder we don’t add a new beer just because the Kernel have listed the hops in a different order.

Not seen a great deal of this in recent years but as more folks are getting out and about, after a fallow couple of years, it could become more common … also aware the search function, particularly when using a mobile phone isn’t always great, but do try and scroll down and double check the hops before adding when possible.


I believe the hops are listed in order of the amounts used, so X Y Z is not the same as Z Y X, but yes, it does make it awkward!

Is that a presumption on your part or did one of the brewers tell you this?

Raised it with a few of the long standing Kernel raters and none of us had ever heard that this was the case … not saying it’s not, would make sense, just curious as to your source.

Either way we wouldn’t be adding a new beer for a 5% shift in hop content, plus whats on the keg doesn’t always translate to what gets added to the beer listing in a venue … I’ve seen it plenty of times, even at Arch 7, where the person writing up the hops has done it alphabetically or in a random order when compared to the hop listings on the keg label / concurrent bottle release.


I am afraid that I am probably the guilty user here! Sorry about that, and thanks for clarifying the rules.

PS. I am constantly out and about rating beers, and I have been so all through Covid, including a beer journey by Interrail to half of continental Europe in the summer of 2021.

yes it was you … no worries … I did try and beer mail you to explain but I can’t raise a new beer mail at present … I can only respond to an existing one

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