Adding Left Handed Giant beers


For those not aware Left Handed Giant was split into two facilities around a year ago.

Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. (

Which is the original and main brewery

Then came the brewpub

LHG Brewpub (

Whilst admittedly it may not always be obvious under which entry to add beers to I think the following guide will help as there’s been a few dropping into the wrong camp of late.

Most beers still fall under the main brewery … if in doubt add here.

The brewpub beers tend to be lower ABV offerings, typically <5.5% ABV. Quite a few single / multi hop numbers and sometimes tap only at the brewpub.

Canned beers from the brewpub facility have the rectangular logo on the can ‘LHG BREWPUB’ … see the link to the brewpub entry above. If your can doesn’t have this then it’s the main facility.

Finally you can always double check on Untappd before entering a beer … they add their own beers to UT so are always correct on there.




I think it would help if people used their left hand on the keyboard as they add a new beer for these guys, that should ensure it’s done correctly!



Jeremy … you are a Giant **** for sure !


…haddock for sure?


Glad @Theydon_Bois jumped on this issue to inform everyone as it can get pretty messy for admins. I find that like other breweries with seperate distinct branches/brewhouses the dificulty usually lies in the way they are represented on tap/cask at pubs.

Again knowing the subtle logo designs help most times.
announcement-22b0ca72-bac9-4a00-b8e5-2ac20f4311e7 LHG Brewpub

too many letters !!!


At least we don’t have Pizza Port brewing in the UK, they must be a bloody nightmare to find out in which location they brewed a beer.


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Brewhouse & Kitchen’s beers get moved around.

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Can’t they just change the name of the other place to Right-handed midget beers?


I’m not talking about them … separate thread if you want to !

I’ve actually got to put to paper to what I have found out about Brewhouse & Kitchen before lockdown sidetracked me to rest Admin. Expect another thread about them in the future. @Theydon_Bois already told us to get off his lawn!


I was innocently referring to the BAME Fish’s Pizza Port reference. I didn’t mean to start anything😪

That bloody fish … always been a trouble maker !!!


Untappd is like the wild west when it comes to beer creation, so many idiots who don’t look properly (or who are looking for a new tick).

I’ve seen just this morning a merge request for two of the LHG Brewpub beers that users have created as Left Handed Giant beers, even though the correct versions already exist.

See below for differences in can design. Main brewery beers tend to have a complete wrap of the can with artwork. Brewpub cans tend to have a narrow sticker across the centre with LHG BREWPUB prominently displayed.