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A few weeks ago I talked about how I’ve been adding a lot more beers than I ever added before. But what about photos? Can we no longer upload photos? I added a new beer the other day and I couldn’t upload the photo even though I cropped it to the 150x300 they ask us for. I’ve been adding photos for years.

150x300 is a Beer Advocate requirement.

Best that I can tell you, click to rate the beer and you’ll see an upload box on the right side of the page. Use that to upload your pic and it’ll eventually show up on the beer’s profile page.

There is an option to add a photo while adding a new beer. The photo will be added and can be seen immediately. Works very well!


I must be doing it wrong. I can’t seem to find the add photo icon. And I’ve added dozens of photos over the years even as recently as a few weeks ago.

When you click on a beer to rate it:

Top right corner.

Adding Photo,when I want to rate a beer ? Can I not upload It eny more

No. Currently you can only add a beer photo if you are adding the beer to the database.

Ok thank you

Or by posting to the pinned BEERS forum and asking an admin to add.

Yeah but, aren’t our admins doing more than their share of work already on RB? Gawd I’m tired of great features on the site going down the drain.

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I hope this shitty change is not permanently!! Most people who add a beer don´t add a photo at the same time. If a beer entry is missing a photo, I use to add photo if I have the bottle or can. @joet, when can I easily add photos again, like I did before this crappy change? If this is a final change, it´s just another step making RateBeer irrelevant. What is next? Only admins who can add new beers??? Untappd, here I come…


I find the fact that no one in the admins is answering this simple request is unsettling. It seems faithful and loyal paying members are ignored and the focus is on attracting new members (competing with Untappd) or even more nefarious, shutting down the site by alienating its hard core members. Ratebeer was better than untappd because of its dedicated empowered active members. Now, the members are disempowered. We lost the ability to edit places, now the ability to upload photos.

Joet, if its just a matter of giving an update on intent, it would be appreciated. Radio silence for me is never a good thing, its avoidance.


Yeah, the creepy sound of silence. What about 2019? I fear another year with more useless updates and more difficulties for active members.

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Was there any news on this? As far as I can tell for the last month or so it correct that we can no longer upload photos unless it is right as we are adding the beer.

I have sent photos in for beers recently but they never get added even like 2-3 weeks later, is that part completely gone too? Do we just not want site members to make the site better in anyway, is that the goal? I don’t get it.

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@joet please allow pictures to be posted easily again!


I reckon that I got lucky with this one:

Submitted December 24th.

I just looked at one I sent in on 12/17, it wasn’t uploaded ( but another I sent on 12/19 was (, so basically I have no clue…

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So we have to check out if a photo is added, two or three weeks later? Joet, fix this immediately :imp::imp::imp::imp::imp:


I posted a similar forum thread recently. You used to be able to click on the empty photo icon and add the photo. That was simple and user friendly. While you can upload one when you first add the beer, it seems the only way to add one after the fact is by sending a message to RB and ask them to upload it.

I want to add photo when someone has added a beer without photo. Will this ever happen???

And, a brewery without photo/logo is so boring. Why can I not add one?