Adding products to a new brewery

I just added a new brewery but cannot find anywhere how to add products from them.
It used to be simple.

There’s a couple of methods if you’re on a phone:

  1. on the brewery page, in the brewer’s beers section, click “show more” - this takes you to another page where you can click on the blue + sign at the top right (this method auto-populates the brewery details).
  2. use the “add new beer” link which is way down at the bottom of the webpage (this method you’ll need to add the brewer’s details yourself).

Think it might be slightly different on a PC, I’ll try to check that for you later.

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Only difference on a PC is for method 1 - on a PC there’s a blue “add product” button at the top right of the beers section of the brewery page. Method 2 is exactly the same on a PC as on a phone.

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Wish I could add a brewery

I think you can.

Told me I wasn’t authorized er something. Been a while.

Any brewery you want to add?

Last time I tried it didn’t take

“Told me I wasn’t authorized er something. Been a while.”

That sounds like the old log-in issue that used to crop up quite often. Have you tried loggin out and logging in again?

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No. I’ll give it a try. Thanks