Adding two new breweries with the same name?

There’s a new Reading based brewery about to launch its first beer: Dolphin Brewery Ltd.

When I was looking for the former’s website I came across another new brewery: Dolphin Brewery Poole Ltd (using recipes from the former Poole brewery of the same name). They were registered on Companies House a few years ago but looks like they’re ramping up to release beers this year.

So should they be added as

Dolphin Brewery (Reading)

Dolphin Brewery (Poole)… when this one actually goes live…

Or just using their registered names which are slightly different? So: Dolphin Brewery and Dolphin Brewery Poole?

Well, one use DOLPHIN BREWERY POOLE as logo so I would stick with that.

For the moment, you could enter the other as Dolphin Brewery (England) until we see what is their official name and logo. (I already edited DOLPHIN BREWERY (AUSTRALIA) and THE DOLPHIN INN BREWERY to avoid confusion

Also, RB plans to add the Brewer’s name to the beer search (see the app) so this will also help.

I have come across the same problem. Except in my case, despite being recent, both breweries are no longer in business. So, so far I’ve taken the easy way out and done nothing !

To expand. When straightening out my own drinking records recently, I discovered that local (Haslington, Cheshire) brewery Laid Back was not on RB at all. When I came to research them (prior to adding to RB) I discovered that there was also a Laidback Brewery from Baildon (West Yorks) – in business at around the same time. Untappd has both breweries listed but (unsurprisingly) has them completely mixed up ! To add even further confusion, there seems to be some connection between the Yorkshire Laidback, and Bone Idle Brewery of Bradford. [ Again, not on RB !]

So what should I do ?
a) add both breweries
b) just add the Cheshire one
c) don’t add either

For the Cheshire one, whilst I have reasonable knowledge of the beers they produced and actually drank them, I wouldn’t be able to provide a review (or accurate rating). The West Yorkshire one I have even less information for. Just some names of beers really.

You aren’t supposed to add beers that aren’t currently in production. I assume this applies to breweries too.

There so much releases and short lifespan for most beers and few raters on RateBeer to enter them, I usually go back up to 6 months to a year earlier if people want to enter them, so at least we get breweries with a minimum lineup… This way we don’t get a brewer that have 100 beers on UT but 3 beers on RB…we are already enough of a joke…

I don’t think this is true. I think the rule is that you are not supposed to add beers that were only produced before RB was started.

The guidelines disagree with you:

Well, we are not talking about 1997 Vintage ales entered in the DB today, we just go with our logic and add products that have been recently released…beers are out of production every 2 weeks now because brewers always brew new stuff in small batch each week for the ticks now.
About including the BREWER name before the product…a lot of people didn’t follow that rule for a long time now…let’s hope they add the brewer name to the beer search soon enough so we could get rid entirely of that and keep the beer name apart of the brewer name (but linked together in the search) once and for all like it should have been since the beginning

The breweries that the poster mentions haven’t been in production for around two years. Therefore the beers they made cannot be deemed as “recently released”. IMHO the database wouldn’t benefit from more instantly retired entries with a single rating.

I’m pretty sure by now that RB prefers that those brewers/beers should be in their DB than having no trace that they ever existed. In the end, why not… better having an accurate DB without rating than an empty DB…as long as those past products can be VERIFIED, I don’t see what would be the problem.

Someone should update the guidelines that are displayed when you click “Add beer” then.

Yes they definitely should…we don’t have clear rules about many things (for instance, what not to add, like Hard Seltzer, Kombuchas) and many rules/definitions are simply outdated, ghosts of what the site was in the 2000s (like beer styles were, brewery types, place types etc…)


People are adding reviews of beers they had 10 or more years so may as well add breweries that opened and shut more recently.


They can be verified - they are on Untappd in a mangled form !

I’ll add the Cheshire one (and its 3 beers) shortly

Laid Back Brewring (Cheshire) and its 3 beers now added.

I couldn’t see how to add opening or closing dates (2015-2018) or add general comments about the berewery. Can only admins do that ? What I wanted to add was
“part time brewer serving local bars” and “Not to be confused with Laidback Brewing (West Yorkshire)”

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