Admin deleted ratings?

Have never seen this before. Anybody have a clue what this means or why?

Someone did it to me. I just deleted it and re-rated.

Pretty sure my rating was abusive or anything, I remember liking the beer. No idea why it was deleted, only reason I figured it out was that it showed up as a ticks only section

To get even weirder, looks like I can’t even rate it on the app, there is no “review beer” button there. But website seems like I can.

I think sometimes it happens if there is no text / not enough text?

Ya, in those cases it just shows up as private rating. But not the “admin converted to private rating” line… very strange, because I obviously didn’t write that. Maybe there was a glitch of some sort?

Huh, there IS a convert to tick option - which was supposed to be used way back for spammy or abusive or gibberish ratings and suchlike… but if your rating had text, like, it was normal, and I’m sure it was, there would be no reason for that. But the weirder thing still was the 0 star - maybe someone did it because you forgot to give a score to it?

Maybe. You’d think it would just sit there in ticks only section. Like I’ve had stuff sit there forever because I wrote a review but forgot to rate a beer.

I tried every way I could think to recreate this scenario. Couldn’t do it, all I could think is it was created from an error uploading rating with the app. Also you never received an automated message? Because I received this email when I used admin powers to change my rating to a tick.

It was the elf on a shelf, obvs! Coal for Christmas

AH yes, I did, just didn’t see it because this website goes to my old email

This note is to inform you that in the course of our housekeeping, our administrative staff has modified your rating of Right Proper Twin Suns of Tatooine so that the rating is still accepted and available to you but no longer public. This was done because the comments did not meet our requirements for length and quality. Ratings are required to reference the appearance, aroma and taste of a product in order to be viewable.


The RateBeer Admins

Did you upload this to RB via the app? My theory is that it was empty rating with no score so an admin changed it to a tick thinking you would get the email. When you change rating to ticks we don’t have option to add text, so that was computer generated as it was empty.

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Ya, anything is possible. Sometimes the app has been glitchy with me recently, not uploading what I rated etc though. So could have been something like that too.

what the? There are tens of thousands of ratings in the database that don’t reference all 3 of these. Maybe hundreds of thousands. Nonsense.

Look at my post from when I changed my rating to a tick, it’s a canned response from system. My rating met all the requirements and I received the same system response.

The point here is that @solidfunk rating was on said beer but empty, hence it was moved to tick as didn’t meet any requirements. I can’t explain that other than it never uploaded properly from app or mobile website.

Also now noted if you use the slider bar you can tick beers with under .5 ratings, which to me seems ridiculous as ticks count in overall score of beers.

I didn’t mean specifically that either rating didn’t meet those criteria, I’m just noting that the text of that admin message is strange - I was unaware that the text of our reviews had to meet such criteria, or when this came about, because there are thousands and thousands of ratings on this site that do not meet these criteria - would they all be marked private?

If you follow that I guess it would be that, but admin are usually to busy fixing beers/places in the database to spend days changing peoples ratings to ticks. Plus throw in that ticks count in overall score since this auto generated message was created, so would it even matter?

No it doesn’t really matter, I’m just making a general comment that I don’t think we need to have any sort of content moderation in the reviews. I don’t mind so much the minimum character requirement (but even then, I don’t love that rule).

But I’ve long since become bored with the stereotyped review of commenting on appearance, aroma, flavor, palate, etc. I’m trying to take a different approach in writing about beer.