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Adroit Theory ghost numbers

adroit theory gives their beers “ghost” numbers:


maybe they’re batch numbers? sometimes beers with the same name have different ghost numbers. do those get separate entries or are they combined? thanks!

Ghost 861


Ghost 969

got separate entries, so i’ll add a third.

I think I’ve been adding them different yes, but I’m not sure what the difference is. Does it mean different hops?

Or is this another way for brewers to generate ALIAS beers?

I’ve always assumed that it’s a way to generate “alias” beers. They’ll do a series of beers (all with the same name, but different “editions” within the series), and then do “different” versions of those “editions” every once in a while? That’s just silly.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never added in a “Ghost” number when I’ve added one of their beers. It’s never really been clear what it really means to me, and that’s dating back from when they were shipping bottles before they officially opened.

I’m a little less skeptical on their “v2.0” or “v3.0” versions of some of their beers (B/A/Y/S, for example), but even there I’ve never added them, even after trying them at the brewery.

This one is actually " Evangelion XVI: Armisael":

These 2 Covens have the same label, are likely the same recipe, but 861 is 14% instead of 12%, so I don’t know where that puts it.

There’s a few other potential duplicates, but they mostly seem to varry by about 2% in ABV or actually include other ingredients.

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I certainly would not create a new entry just for different Ghost numbers.


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