Advent calendars

Can’t believe it’s that time of year already! Doubt I’ll be getting one, but always like a bit of beer porn, so thought I’d kiçk it off

Here’s the Brewdog one (with a beer list if you scroll down), £50 including postage:

Decent value, & 16 beers that are new to me.

I was looking at these the other day as my wife had spotted a potential one for the boy.

Hoptimism’s went on sale today and sold out with an hour or so.

I thinking of getting the Beerwulf one. Less likely to have had any of them, perhaps? Tried to find details of last year’s contents but couldn’t find anything online.

Of course it would be good if Kalea’s were available in the UK again.

I am hoping to be in California again this December, so CostCo might get my custom for the Kalea one again.


I have ordered the Beer Gonzo one.

I had it a few years ago, and wanted to get sorted early this year.

Always tempted but have never bought one mostly because a) 24 beers in one delivery is a lot for me and b) if paying as much as these cost, I’d prefer to pick the beers myself.


Risking it with the Beer52 version, ordered it this morning.

Seems like a lot more places are producing them now.

One of my nearest bottleshops, A Hoppy Place in Windsor, are producing one.

Fallen Acorn brewery are releasing one, which I found interesting. Edit: it’s 2 each of 12 different Fallen Acorn and at £90 it’s one of the more expensive ones so forget that one.

I make my own Advent calendar by ordering a mixed case of 24 when I’m drunk so I don’t remember what’s coming in the box :smiley:


This is the way!

Brewdog’s is very uninspired, only a couple of new things.

Saveur bier has been historically great, a lot of stuff brewed just for the calendar, but they deliver only to very limited number of countries (and that number doesn’t include UK nor Estonia)…

Ordered the Beer Gonzo one as they have listed about 8-10 breweries that are guaranteed to be in the box, with some great names anongst. However it’s not cheap at £112 but no worries, I like Beer Gonzo and hadn’t ordered from them since March so thought that I would go with them for my first ever advent beer box.


Seen a beer52 box on another thread; anyone got theirs yet?


That was probably mine, safely stored in the garage, trying hard not to peak inside.

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Got mine from Beer Gonzo.

Not much to look at. But hoping it will be good.


Aldi (USA) are even doing one this year:


Shame we can’t get hold of that beer one, probably quite cheap beers but looks like beers we cannot get hold of over here. Aldi, please import some of these if you are watching :grinning:

It would be good if Costco did the Kalea one they do in the US. Would have thought it would be easier to arrange but perhaps they do not feel that Costco’s UK customers are sophisticated enough.

My Beer Gonzo has also arrived, today.

Beer Gonzo have put a lot of effort into making that very ‘Adventy’ haven’t they!

I bet you are really pleased with the presentation, as @Mr_Pink_152 was.


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I was in California last Christmas and I had the COSTCO one, hope to be there again this December too. If I get there I intend getting both the COSTCO and Aldi ones this year.