Advice on best way to get to The Goblin Pub

Will be flying in from the UK.

Whats the best airport to fly to? Is there a way to get there by public transport?

Any tips from anyone who has made the journey would be appreciated.

No public transport. Bologna is the closest airport but you can also fly into Florence - both are very small airports, easy to navigate. Rent a car at either. Stick to the highways as much as possible, too many drunk speeding reckless Italians driving on the curvy mountain roads. Pavullo is a small ski resort town and gets snow even when Florence and Bologna are clear.

You could also hit Arrogant Pub in Regio Emilia while you’re there, and that’s a really nice non-touristy town in its own right. No other beer places there, but they do have the best Italian gelato maestro (Simone De Feo at Cremeria Capolinea). Although Florence and Bologna make good bases too of course. There is even a small hotel behind Goblin Pub if you want to stay there (sessions at Goblin tend to go into the wee hours for some reason)

Gene don’t forget to say that Goblin Pub is very hard to find even with GPS, might have gotten better since 2010. First time we had to walk the street because it’s somewhat indistinguishable for first time visitors.

That’s true, the sign is tiny. If you can’t find it, ask anyone in the village and they’ll point the way

Thanks for the info guys - was trying to avoid renting a car because inevitably I’d have to drive back the following day with a pounding head but I guess theres no avoiding it :frowning:

It’s part of the Goblin experience!

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@services Tried a places search because it sounded interesting.
“the goblin pub”: no results!
goblin pub”: