After a five year ETOH hiatus, I come back and there's all these Hazy IPAs

They’re smooth and armoatic – I like them

But what’s the trick here?

I know you don’t filter them as much as you would a regular IPA, but is that it?

The hops are all there, they’re just not bitter


" As silly as it may sound, NEIPAs are different from IPAs in pretty much every way. While a regular old IPA is clear orange-gold in appearance, piney and citrusy on the nose, and bitter in flavor, NEIPAs are unfiltered, murky, and yellow. They smell like a fruit basket and have almost no perceptible bitterness. Ingredients vary, but most NEIPAs are made with grains like pale malts, wheat, and oats; adjuncts like lactose; and other additives to boost their creamy mouthfeel and cloudy optics (some brewers even use apple purée!).

NEIPAs are over-the-top hopped like their IPA parents, but in a very different way. Brewers accomplish the tropical aromatics sans astringency by adding lots of hops after the wort is boiled, or during the “whirlpool,” and during primary or secondary fermentation (this is also known as dry-hopping). This way, hops are not exposed to heat, so “juicy” notes abound without any bitterness."

Yea far less bittering hops are added, so IBUs are super low while hop aromatics are super high. It was an interesting fad but I prefer the bitterness.

now wait until you find out how most brewpubs are dominated with milkshake IPAs and pastry stouts. ugh.

No bitterness thing is a misconception. They should be bitter. The best ones usually are.