After some help on "Alesmith Speedway Nitro"

So in September 2017 I was in Bangkok at the amazing Mikkeller bar and took some notes on a just incredible tap beer “Alesmith Speedway Nitro” which I can’t find in ratebeer but have a sneaking suspicion is the normal Alesmith Speedway.

This definitely wasn’t the Thai version (which I have thoroughly enjoyed as well.)

Can anyone confirm if Nitro is just tap for this?

On a separate note I finally logged into the site on a PC in an attempt to find this beer only to discover Beer Buddy iPhone app hadn’t been communicating with ratebeer for me so my ratings are a mess.

Different serving styles, i.e. nitro pours, bottles, or tap pours, do not change the recipe of a beer and are hence to be rated under the same entry.

So yeah, it’s just the normal Alesmith Speedway for ratebeer.

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Makes perfect sense!

I really really appreciate your assistance on this!

I needed to be sure as it can be easy to make wrong assumptions.