Alabama brewery confusion

Was just in Alabama on a quick work trip and went to this place Brewer’s Coop–

So, they brew beer there, but it’s partially owned by five different breweries. Many of these breweries are also partially owned by each other. Not really sure what to do about this, is there an admin in the area?

The breweries include (but may not be limited to) Good People, Avondale, Straight to Ale (I think) and Druid City. Some of these might just brew at each others facilities contract, others may be owned by each other.

And still not sure who to associate the place with. And the beers they brew themselves there. ANd to put a further hitch on it, at Brewer’s coop they seem to riff off styles that the other brewers do. for example, I had some sort of riff off Druid City’s Parkview Porter while there that the dude said they made in house. Of course, the guy didn’t seem to know too specifically what was going on, so I wouldn’t fully trust his info. Anybody in the know here?

And there is another location of brewer’s coop too:

If they brew their.own stuff why don’t you just add them as a separate brewpub?

Ya, might be the best way to go here