Alabama / Mississippi liquor laws?

Driving through these states as well as Tennessee and Louisiana in june. I’m planning to buy beer at various locations and take it with me on the trip in a cooling box, but I’ve been researching local liquor laws to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement. I’d love to get some input from those who live in these states and/or have personal experience hunting for beer there.

  • Open container law: Since I won’t be doing the driving myself, I was planning on drinking a few beers on the road. Which is prohibited by this law… Question: Can I drink beer on the side of the road or a rest area?

  • Bringing beer into other states: I’m aware that it’s prohibited to bring beer into Alabama and its dry counties. Tennessee seems a bit more progressive. I’ve been looking around online and it appears locals are bringing beer into other states all the time, just make sure to keep it unopened in the trunk of the car.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to comment on this.

Yes you can’t drink in car even if not driving. I’m guessing side of road and rest stops probably also a no go. My first trip to Europe I was surprised to find booze served at rest stops. This isn’t the most progressive part of country when it comes to booze but I’m sure you can find secluded places where technically illegal no one would care (guess not from experience).

I wouldn’t worry about transporting beer that’s seems crazy to me I plan on doing the same thing this summer and didn’t even think about it.

What towns you hitting up in June? I’ll be in Shreveport, LA; hot springs, AR, Little Rock, Ar, Memhphis, TN Corinth, MS and St Louis over long weekend mid June.

Yeah, I would second not having any open alcohol at all - definitely not while driving (even as a passenger) or at a rest stop - save it for the motel at night. I don’t think there are any states that allow open containers anymore. As for drinking in brewpubs/breweries, knock yourself out as long as you have a designated driver.

As for transporting, I think you should be fine.  If on some off chance a policeman does both stops you AND searches your car (I can't imagine why they would do this unless they caught the smell of alcohol (or drugs) during the stop), they would most likely let it go it you had a bunch of different beers and you told them you are into craft beers (if you had a bunch of one type of beer, you MIGHT get into some trouble in dry counties).   I've bought tons of beer in Alabama and Tennessee and taken across state lines - just don't make yourself a target by speeding or doing stupid stuff and there shouldn't be any problems.

Thanks guys for the confirmation.

@Jow I’ll be in New Orleans for a couple of days, then Pensacola (FL), Montgomery (AL), Tuscaloosa (AL), Gaylesville (AL), Chattanooga (TN), Nashville (TN), Memphis (TN), a couple of days in Mississippi, either Baton Rouge (LA) or Lafayette (LA) and back to New Orleans.