I see there’s a handful of places listed in the Places section, but I’m curious if anyone has some beer-specific tips. We will be visiting Tirana and some undecided location close to a beach at the beginning of August.

No information whatsoever I’m afraid but do let us know what you find. Tirana is on my ongoing visit every central/eastern European capital city schedule.

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I’m possibly going some time in August as well, but haven’t done any research yet.

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Went to BrauHaus twice and thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably the only real (brew) pub in the capital/nation. Head brewer, who speaks fluent English, is there on most days, staff are pleasant and the beers are fine considering the state of “craft beer” in Albania.

Also went to Svejk Beer Garden. It’s no longer in business according to the listing on here.

That was in 2015, btw. Was in the Moldovan capital last month and the beer scene is better. I want to return to both countries.

PS: the fck is this username of mine? It was given to me when I logged in.

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@mcberko was there recently. So was heavy from Croatia (who apparently didn’t join these boards yet, but I guess you can message him on the “old message system”), at least “relatively” recently. Travlr was there too. And Koelschtrinker.

There are three brewpubs in the country in all at the moment, it would seem. BrauHaus in Tirana, Albion in Durrës and Puka in… the middle of nowhere ;D (available elsewhere, seemingly somewhere in Tirana and in at least one restaurant outside of Lezhë that I just added to places). The TeStela Resort outside of the Stela brewery seems to have (or to have had) a bunch of their uncommon beers, (cue @Koelschtrinker ). That seems to be it more or less.

Albania is… Albania… things come and go and very few stuck. A number of micros came and went basically.

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