Aldi (UK) and Lidl (UK)

Don’t get too excited but I have moved into the top five raters of their beers since the ‘Lock In’. Saved a few bob while doing it, pushed up my Greater London and Warwickshire rates too.



Congrats … although with Aldi that 6th spot shouldn’t show up … some coding error that was never fixed from a few years ago.

I thought that had been sorted out just recently?


nah … file under never to be fixed most likely

For some reason I have never rated a beer from Aldi.


Same here but I’m nearly through all beers sold in Asda. Aldi is next on my list and I’m hoping for better variety.

Don’t get too excited @dragnet101.


To be far @joe19612 you haven’t missed much.


I’m fifth now, so sixth doesn’t matter anyway!