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They have started selling Rossini again, but it’s now in green 500ml bottles and called Rossini Lager and at 5.1% ABV compared to the old version called just ‘Rossini’ and at 4.7%.

No hint on who brews it.

Bar Code is only 8 numbers long: 25493696.

New Beer or not?


Fairly certain it’s a new beer. Possibly new brewer too. Add as Rossini Lager.

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“Available in 660ml bottles, exclusively from Aldi supermarkets in the UK.
An intensely crisp and refreshing lager beer with a delicate touch of Italy. Brewed in North Italy according to an original recipe dating back to 1877. Crisp and lightly sparkling, its unique taste is refreshing and dry with a clear-cut, clean character. Perfect matchmaker to pair with pasta and pizzas and fish.”

Must be brewed at Otus for Rossini.

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I do not get the need to drink an italian pale lager in UK with all the amazing beers you have there :grin:


tick, tick, tick, tick …


OK Marko, I will add it once I have tried it.