AleSmith Olde Ale - Bourbon Barrel label

at this page:

it says:

Editor’s Note: The 750mL gold label barrel aged Olde Ale is Brandy and Bourbon Barrel blended, which has its own listing.

but maybe that was an earlier 750mL gold label barrel aged Olde Ale? the 2023:

has a gold label that clearly says “Olde Ale aged in Premium Bourbon Barrels” with no mention of Brandy.

should a rating go there despite the gold label, or should 2023 have its own listing?

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You know, just add it as what the brewery calls it (Barrel-Aged Old Ale 2023). Worst case scenario, it’s an alias. Best case scenario, we investigate this properly and things get split up if needed or at least updated so no confusion arises.

:+1: thanks