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A thread like this has proved quite useful for the admins in the Norway Regional Forum, and I think a UK version could be useful too, in order to implement necessary changes faster.

I’ll start out with Durham Alabaster, which has recently been launched as an ALIAS of Durham White Stout (yes, it is official). ABV is still 7.2%.

Why does it say DIPA if it’s a White Stout?

Because a DIPA sells better than a “White Stout” these days? Redirecting...

This is truly bizarre. I mean it sounds like a completely different beer?

EDIT: never mind it’s actually the same. I absolutely hate this. White Stout and DIPA should never be synonymous.


I didn’t need the video as I had already researched it. Funny enough it looks like some bottles say DIPA and others don’t. Probably for marketing.

Durham Alabaster • RateBeer

I dunno… if they’ve tweaked it enough to warrant a style change I’d be tempted to have this as a separate beer and leave White Stout as it was but retire it. Thoughts?

I tagged it so that when White Stout becomes a style it can be absorbed in that style. They have it all over their Facebook that it is the same beer. I side on brewers intent and marketing.

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EDIT: White stout should never exist :joy:

At that strength think it should be an IPA rather than a DIPA, even the labels used to say it was an IPA, “White Stout” was just the beer name, it didn’t designate the style:

Think the new name should have been aliased to the old entry myself, it confused the hell out if me that it’s come up as a “new” local Durham beer which has the most recent rating in 2018 and the earliest rating from 2011.
But then again, nothing on ratebeer seems to make any sense anymore

We don’t backwards alias as consumers will most likely never see White Stout on the shelf. It’s in the admin handbook. :wink:

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Actually on the Durham website for Alabaster it says:
“Brewed to a gluten free recipe.”

Just to add the new Durham Alabaster is gluten free, and the old Durham White Stout wasn’t gluten free, so actually I think it should be a separate entry on that basis alone of being a different recipe

Could these please be demerged/ separated back out thanks

Seems the correct outcome here is that Durham Alabaster is a new recipe and therefore a new entry, now being a gluten free recipe as stated on the Durham Brewery website. Durham White Stout would be retired as a separate entry as no longer being produced, previously being a non-gluten free recipe.


Maybe they just didn’t test it before and it was always gluten free or used same exact recipe an used enzyme to make it gluten free.

As well as now saying it’s brewed to a gluten free recipe, the Durham Brewery website also says:
" Formerly known as White Stout. We have tweaked the recipe and increased the hop hit. The new take on this classic Durham beer deserved a new name. Alabaster – strong and pale."

Seems like there is enough there in terms of it being a new recipe (both now being a gluten free recipe and increasing the hops) to retire the old White Stout entry and add it as a new Alabaster entry

By admitting that it’s a new beer means that @sigmund whole thread was incorrect.

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After a discussion with some other admin, I’ve demerged these beers. Tick on tickers!

Edit: I know the photos are crossed, I’ve already changed them. Will monitor until they update.