All you other beer gods are killing me

Here I was once again trying to find that top beers list that you can actually see 50-100 rather than just top 50 and I came across this list I haven’t looked at since 10,000 rates ago - the beer gods top 50. Man. I’ve only had 2, maybe three if I’m not aware of another, of these top 50. You guys are killing me. Can’t you just like Expedition Stout and shit? And here I was already concerned that my normal 22/regular top 50 seems to diminish by the day by new hype beers that are impossible to track down unless you live in some specific place in the middle of nowhere.

Or maybe it’s just that once you’ve rated 1,000 beers you stop caring as much about the hype and start rating the local beer you like deservedly higher than Dark Lord or the 1,000 50/50 Eclipse variants.

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I get this when I try looking at the list.

I’m a premium member, don’t see any ads. Wtf?

Surprised you didn’t stumble into at least a few while in Columbia…odd. They hide in rainforests I always figured.

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@RichTheVillan is in the Scoopergen Hall of Fame and his #1 rated bier is Dark Lord:


to me it seems a list of hyped stuff anyway
you just need 5 high ratings and hopefully not from anybody who started the day on his left foot and leaves a low score

the 6 raters in vancouver are all gods, but also one of them always starts the day on the wrong foot and another has 3.6 as maximum score, so nothing will get on that list

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It’s hopeless when a beer’s name is three lines long anyway.How do you even remember the full name to order one, in the rare case that you find it?

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You’re right. There are 2049 so called beer gods in the top raters list, and 44 of the top 50 beers have raters in single or double digit numbers.

I should have rated one a 5/5 to get it on that list just to spite all you other beer gods

I’d talk to @services about that one

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