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Alvinne Undressed at Beavertown Extravaganza


Trying to find the correct entry for Alvinne Undressed at Beaverfest.

My excel list says it’s Undressed Foederbier Oud Bruin which would be

But on untappd I’ve checked in this one

If I recall correctly I was using jonpacker web app which transferred the checkin to second entry on untappd. I guess that explains why second entry has way more Beavertown checkins than the first one.

Photo from the festival says Flemish red ale

Anyone have a clue which is correct one?


What is the difference between them? It’s implied that the ‘regular’ undressed hasn’t seen any oak, but is that really how it is?


undressed is alays from the biggest barrel @Alvinne. It’s - to my expectations at least - the same beer, but perhaps @tderoeck or @77ships know better

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This is from long before my days as an admin, so I never really looked into this. I will assume the admins back then did their job correctly, but what the exact difference is, I can’t tell. I’d guess what Maakun is saying sounds pretty logical. And judging from this sheet, it seems they don’t make regular “Undressed” anymore, only “Undressed Foederbier”…

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does that mean that the bottles that hit etregourmet this summer are not “Undressed”, but “Undressed Foederbier”?


Probably… however I just checked some pictures on Untappd, and it looks like the new label shows a foeder, but doesn’t mention the word foederbier anymore. In all honesty, when breweries are changing the name of their beer to that of an old beer, while still using the one not printed on the label in their online communication, then it becomes really hard for anyone to follow what exactly is going on…

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I don’t check verified beers either I assume that admins did their work. Untappd however implies that they are the same and that Alvinne labels the beer differently for export market. Maybe ask Alvinne? @tderoeck

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Yep, I don’t think this is going to be solved without contacting Alvinne


Ok, tickers are not gonna like this… I contacted Glenn, turns out it’s the same beer. Previously from wooden barrels, now from foeder, but basically it’s the same beer. The fact that people have always kept rating both, is only another argument to alias, since they can’t tell them apart anyway.


As expected, Alvinne undressed as main entry?

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Sure, go ahead…

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This is done – I cannot fix duplicates but that is Joe his problem.

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