Amount of ratings seems very low

I have to say over the weekend the amount of ratings was abysmal.
Is this site in real trouble?

Joet says Traffic has never been so high.

Then again I could sit in a pub and watch traffic go by all day. Doesn’t mean they will stop for a drink on their way past.


I think joet needs to remember that its people like us who input ratings onto the site, send corrections and contribute to the Ratebeer community that make Ratebeer. Not a few unecessary tweaks here and there that no body wants. More and more of the regular users are leaving or just logging on occasionally.

I think we will know if the site is fucked In the next 6 months. I was considering leaving at 5k, but I stayed. I have decided now I will see how it pans out up until our big RB gathering in the UK at the end of June. If it gets any worse I will leave.

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We shouldn’t look too much into performance over a single weekend. Purchasing habits fluctuate throughout the year, and this is no different when it comes to beer. Without having access to the ratings-related data, I would wager a guess that there is probably more activity in the summer with the general increase of the amount of major festivals. Comparing weeks or months to the same time periods last year would be a more meaningful way of measuring whether or not this site is in trouble.

When i go to my breweries i see a lot more ticks than usual. Looks like the tickers are busy.

What are you referring to? Do you have actual numbers?


I have a giant backlog I need to get to… tried a ton of new beers this weekend, just wasn’t rating… so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for a big spike on some random Tuesday morning or something when I’m bored at work.

I’m rating as fast as my health allows!


I was also drinking on Friday and Saturday but have not rated them yet, 20 plus to add once I get the time. Not that my small number will balance out any big drop in overall ratings.


Top raters of 2018 so far seem to be rolling along nicely.

I am not even on the list with 113 rates so far this January.


LOL. This is me, every weekend :slight_smile: Cheers!

Oh wow, I’m only 432 off the pace after 23 days.

I am in there with a solid 29 beers, lol.

@Reid any chance you’ll clue us in as to where you’re getting these “abysmal” numbers?


Just rated 1 beer today…


Can I just clarify, i was referring to the Ratebeerians who turn up to this event and not the website. This year doesn’t look very promising to be honest. A right bunch of tossers.

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My bad. Taking a two-week break from alcohol. Sorry about that.

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Oh i entered a couple of beers during the weekend and noticed that when i looked on the Recent Ratings…very few others had been entered for an 8 hour period…in the past there would have been dozens if not 100s.
Mybe it was a “blip” :wink: in the system