Amsterdam (June 18th > June 24th)

Hi, I am Vincent from France. I will go to Amsterdam for the Carnivale Brettanomyces 2019 (20>23 June). For the moment, I will eat for dinners on Friday and Sunday at Wilde Chutney.

I would like to meet other raters !
If you are interested in french craft beers :fr: (La Débauche, effet Papillon…) or perry/ciders, I can bring “some” bottles in my suitcase !



Hi Vincent, just keep an eye out to the forum, I’m sure there will be a Dutch thread appearing near the dates of CB. The past few years some of us did a pubcrawl, you can tag along if we decide to do one again this year.


@Countbeer can you meet up with Vincent? Maybe pm your FB account?

There are some plans in the making for a pub crawl of some sorts. I won’t be there myself but I know @Countbeer @bierkoning @maakun @sjogro are.

I’m not sure what my plans are in detail but I’ll be there Thursday-Saturday, let’s hang out and trade some beers! I’ll mesagge you tomorrow.

The Brettfest pubcrawl starts friday morning 12 at the Beer Temple. Countbeer (not active on RB anymore) has fixed a schedule that is a bit ambitious, but looks quite promising. I will be at Foeders thursday evening. They have an insane bottle list that evening. Time of arrival is unsure yet. I will start saturday morning at 12 at Arendsnest with the Oersoep tap takeover, then heading to de Bierkoning (Cantillon!)

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Hi Vincent,

Borresteijn tagged me so I got a notification.
Small effort to log in and share some info:

Made a little schedule, maybe a bit ambitious, but let’s see how far we come…

12:00 - Atom @Beertemple
13:00 - Stillwell @Wildeman
14:00 - Bierkoning
15:00 - Westbound @Beertemple
16:00 - Overworks @Wildeman
17:00 - Kernel @Wildeman
18:00 - Ale Apothecary @Beertemple
19:00 - La Sirene @Wileman

Thursday, I will go to Foeders. Friday, after the topic on “Biere de Coupage” by D Janssen (De Walse Kerk), I could go to Bierkoning at the beginning of the afternoon. Kernel event seems good but I eat for dinner at Wilde Chutney !

See you, Vincent.

Provisional (and maybe a bit ambitious) schedule voor Saturday

11.30 Seperatist tap takeover @ Beer Temple
12.00 Oersoep tap takeover (15 beers!) @ Arendsnest
13.00 Fyne Ales @ Wildeman
14.00 Bierkoning bar (Cantillon!)
15.30 Beeblefish @ Wildeman
16.30 Deutsche Mittag @ Wildeman
18.00 Yazoo Tap Takeover @ Beer Temple
19.00 Franconian Lager @ Wildeman
20.30 Bruery Tap Takeover @ Beer Temple
21.30 Coudwater @ Wildeman

Is there usually stuff left on tap the week after? I’ll be in Amsterdam 25-26/6 and would love to try some leftovers

Most certainly, yes.

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Change of plans for friday, cause the Home Brewers Market seems too good to miss.

12.00 home Brewers Market
14.00 Stilwell @ Wildeman
14.30 De Bierkoning
15.30 Westbound @ Beertemple
16.00 Overworks @ Wildeman
17.00 Kernel @ Wildeman
18.00 Ale Apothecary @ Beertemple
19.00 La Sirene @ Wildeman


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Good call! Check out and say hello to Benedikt from Wilder Wald and Jan from Kemker! These guys know their stuff!

That reminds me of the (unfortunately) only time I’ve been to CB which was back in 2016. I went to the home brewer’s event at De Prael in the morning (Saturday I believe) when I was able to try all those lovely beers from a.o. Bokkereyder thanks to you and Gene. So it definitely sounds like a good plan. Have fun!

I’ve tasted 7 Bokke beers today, with the help of some RB friends. The Home Brewers Tasting was quiet and Friendly. But showed a bunch of new stars who will shine in the upcoming years.

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