Amsterdam/Utrecht in November

I know that this may be better suited in the Travel forum, but I figure I’d start here.

I’m beginning to plan my trip to the Netherlands. I need to be in Utrecht on November 20th, but the rest of the trip is still in planning.

I was thinking Amsterdam the weekend before, Utrecht Monday and Tuesday night, Brussels for a few days, and fly out of Paris the following Sunday.

Anything beer related going on then? I may be solo, which means the trip will be all beer most of the time. I’ve never outside of London in Europe.

Any general planning advice would be helpful. Once I get an itinerary, I’ll need more specific brewery advice.

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Are you looking to trade as well? Don’t think there are festival that time of the year but if you plan on visiting Eindhoven I’m more than willing to show you around and share some beers!

I’m not really looking to trade as I don’t want to really lug any beer home, but I’m willing to mule/share while I’m there.


Not sure on my agenda by then, but we could meet up and have a drink in Amsterdam, visit some bars.