Amundsen dupe

Hello Norsk admins! If you search for “Amundsen Oceans” you’ll find 3 beers. I think they’re all the same, or atleast two of them are, but possibly all three. Cheers!

The «two» Amundsen breweries are confusing! Why the hell divide in two, with the same name?

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Ryddejobb for RB avd. Oslo???

Har allerede lagt info i ryddetråden om pineapple.
mr CAPSLOCK som ligger bak problemene

Omg you’re right, there’s two Amundsen in the database, I didn’t even notice. It’s even more confusing and messy than I thought.

Den siste Amundsen (som no har blitt alias) vart lagt til av ein eg kjenner i Nederland. Ikkje mr. CAPS denne gangen.

Amudsen Brewery is the brewery only. Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri is the brewpub. All cans/bottles would be from the brewery. Probably most/all taps also

Maybe the Brewpub should be a Place entry, not a Brewery entry in the database then…

I’m from the Netherlands, I can’t read Norwegian. :wink: Amundsen beers have popped up here all over the country since December, I had never heard of them before.

Yes it is a bit messy at the moment. But it will be ok
The pineapple versions are the same. I have fixed them

The Amundsen Brewpub produce their own beers at the pub. Only sold at there on tap.
Amundsen Brewrey are expanding heavily at the moment. All over europe.
Time will tell…

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