An appeal to those who add beers using the "Add Beer" function of the app

The “add beer” function of the app currently forces the user to add the beer with the entire brewery name. As most of you know (apart from, apparently, the people who pushed that feature live), that creates fucked up beer entries in need of editing.

Until that’s fixed, I’m just kindly asking you to, in cases where the entire brewery name isn’t included in the name of the beer (which is most cases), either refrain from using the feature and/or notify us admins - in the adequate thread (here?) with links for entries that need fixing because of it.

Thanks in advance for helping us with the extra work!

I only use the site on my mobile. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the app.


Actually, I’ve been liking how the app has improved very much and have actually started using it regularly. The “Add Beer” function was sorely missed - and one of 2 primary reasons why I’d use mobile web, the other being Places - and adding it is a certainly a step in the right direction - but adding it like this was just careless and thoughtless.

Imagine how I felt using it and knowingly adding the beer wrong. And I can actually fix that and care about that! What about people who can’t and don’t?

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We still have problem with the Brewer name automatically added to the Beer name on the website. Some keywords from the brewer’s name can be cut (ie Brewery, Brewing co.) but most of the time, it makes the final name even worse

I just hope someday that admin could should what part of the Brewer name should be included in the Beer name… So many editing because of this…

We should have an Admin entry for the “displayed brewery shortcut for beer name” in the Brewer profile.

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Watch out. Beer Advocate is coming out with a new app in April and I reckon that it will be a good one. They have their shit together. Me=Bitterbill there as well.

I honestly don’t care about BA. Their coverage of my neck of woods is laughable to say the least - it’s been so in 2004 and it’s the same in 2019. And I’m not too inclined to do a ton of work there as well to make it not be a pile of manure.

Fair enough. But is the site to blame or the international beer drinkers who refuse to use BA to blame? I choose the latter.

Welp, what I do know is that there is no international conspiracy not to use BA - it’s just not attractive to us I guess. If I remember correctly, even the scores used to be “American/English-grade-style” (I know they aren’t now). And that’s BA’s fault. I personally simply find RB’s rating system to be superior, how things are divided, etc. It’s okay by me if someone likes BA better/the same tho.

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Yeah, maybe, when you can rate a beer on RB. Which is what people are complaining aboot not being able to do right now. RB, currently, is not exactly what I would call a stable site.

There’s an app? Like Safari or Chrome (in current jargonese)?

I added a beer through the app, but it’s impossible to enter an ABV amount that has a trailing decimal because my phone is localised for use in the Netherlands: the app only accepts period separators while the on-screen keyboard only allows me to type in a comma separator :roll_eyes:

When I try to add a beer in the app, I cannot get past the part where you search for the brewery name. I type it in exactly as it is on the site, but all it returns is a list of breweries that have the same first letter. Would be nice to be able to add from the brewery’s page in the app. If this is possible, please let me know.

Hi @adamnowek with the latest version of the app, you should now be able to add ABV with a “,” instead of a “.”
Please let us know if you continue to have issues with this :slight_smile:


Hi @JStax thanks for the feedback. We had an issue that some breweries weren’t showing up in the brewer list when adding a beer. This is fixed with the latest version of the app (1.25.10). Let us know if you still have any issues searching for brewers when adding a beer.

This still doesn’t work.

Try to find this brewer when adding a beer:

LTM - Les Trois Mousquetaires

When adding a beer, It’s impossible to find it whatever you write in the Brewer search, even if you write the exact name. (i think it might me related with numbers, since writing “trois” is giving results for “3”)

That is still a major problem


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I found that brewery in the app and website. Shrugs.


I didn’t detailed enough…I meant when adding a beer (in regards with the topic)…

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Oh. My bad.

Hi @adamnowek, could you help us to de-bug this one? If you could give us the following info, that would help us to figure out what is happening here:

  • Language settings
  • Region settings
  • Which version of the app do you have