Anchor "Our Special Ale"

There might be better #christmas beers out there, but this has been my go-to Christmastime/winter beer since I first had it about a decade ago.

It also holds up relatively well for it’s ABV.

1.5L Magnums were about $13 at Costco! Almost impossible to beat that price.

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Wow, really? Thanks for the heads up I’ll definitely be picking up a few.

It might depend on the state you’re in, but that’s the price at least in VA!

I forgot to add that it’s fun to drink it along side SN Celebration to compare the difference in spice additions. :thinking:

Yes it’s a great low abv Christmas beer that ages well. I think I still have a 2006 - 2010 vert. I need to crack open. Maybe It’ll happen this winter.

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