And another one bites the dust

Looks like Portners Brewhouse is closing (the statement is in an image on the zebra press FB page, not sure how to best link to it, does this work? The brewpubs are just dropping like flies around here. First Cap City, now this. Hops Grill’s days are numbered, due to redevelopment (Not that they will be missed)

But we still have Mad Fox. Please survive, Mad Fox.

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Yep, looks like it’s closed-closed, at least based on the article, and from various messages/comments I’m seeing on Facebook.

I wanted to give them a second shot after a terrible first trip there. Back when I wasted money on crowdfunding, I donated to their indiegogo campaign. This was in 2012 when I’d get drunk and throw money at all sorts of foolhardy endeavors, most of which have yet to pan out. As one of their backers I went there not long after they opened. Most of what I’m going to write is pretty much from my review of the place.

Firstly, the location was terrible for anything but retail or a grab-in-go fast-casual restaurant. Parking was atrocious. I won’t blame Portner for this, but the people who developed that brand new mixed-use structure totally dropped the ball. Caboose suffers a bit from a similar parking issue, but they have a more walkable location (right off a trail), and their brewpub is small enough that the available parking is relatively sufficient.

Secondly, the waitress was terrible. She totally bungled my order (but got every other of the 4-6 people that were here). I never got my flight. Waitress was replaced by staff (not our doing) and replacement waiter tried his hardest to get our table back on track. Despite being pretty pissed off at this point I felt a little bad for him, I could tell he was visibly frustrated and kept looking at our table from across the bar with a worried look. The fucking bartender wouldn’t pour my flight of 4 beers because “he had already poured it”. I had been waiting a full hour for 16 ounces of beer. I’ve had bad waitresses, but never have witnessed that kind of behavior from a bartender.

Because I was a backer of the indiegogo campaign, I was technically a founder mug member - I have the mug sitting in my garage right now. I never actually had the chance to use it because I technically never actually ordered a beer from them, despite my best efforts.

I had actually talked with my wife about checking the place out again, but it looks like I won’t get that chance.

I saw your review, sorry for your experience. I biked there on a weekend afternoon, so service was fine, I had a flight. The beer wasn’t out of the ballpark, but I recall it as being okay.

Was for the building, the whole area is going to getvmore walkable, with further infill development, and I hope, Complete Streets treatments on the roads - S Pickett has just had bike lanes striped, which may calm traffic a bit and improve pedestrian safety. Eventually the Western Transitway, a Bus Rapid Transit line, is going to run up Van Dorn from the metro, then via Beauregard to Mark Center, and on to Shirlington.

Not familiar with this brewery, but another one is planning on closing in the next week or so:

Twisted Ales out of Richmond.

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