And of course i was incredibly drunk at the time

Thanks to those that turned up.
And more thank to those who sent me to bed


Have you been to F-Hoone? It’s not far from your hotel, past the ‘shopping centre brewpub’ along the train tracks, and turn left at the orange building. It should have a unique P6hjala beer, and does good food at reasonable prices, including daily lunch specials. Sip shop and Pudel bar are also near there. That area’s pretty good for food.

ahh just seen and we’re now checked out and in town

If you’re into museums, then Kiek in de Kök is just on the south side of the old town, and it covers the full range of the history of the town, one floor per era.
For lunches, this is the best list: https://pä - but you’ll need to squirt it through google translate - restrict to ‘Kesklinn’ for the central places.
If you find yourself wandering down Sauna, or Laboratoriumi, then sing Auld Lang Syne at the top of your voice, preferably with a drunken accent, and I, or Anna if you’re on Laboratoriumi, will wave at you.

we ended up in olde hansa. but decided against having a beer

Hearty meat soup is normally the best value for money there.
Make sure you go to the loos!

Do try the herb beer, it’s the best of the three. The others are too sweet for me. They’re also available in bottles - and those are rateable, unlike the on-site mixes in the restaurant.

If you don’t - I might have to come and join you and I’ll have one!