Annoying things in brewpubs

Mine…and it’s happening now…people who get annoyingly loud and boisterous after one IPA…
Are you 12?

I hate seeing people have fun too. Just let me tick my beers in peace.


I like to have fun…but one beer and your screaming loudly and annoyingly…I guess might be novice drinkers…or Star Wars freaks.
See this way to often nowadays

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At a new local brewpub the other evening. Waiting at the bar for a couple pints and I’d say the young guy in a small group of early to late 20 year olds must have dropped the F bomb and several different forms of the F bomb about a dozen times in a matter of 5 minutes or so. I almost asked him about his limited vocabulary but figured the hell with it. Young ladies also present in this group. Don’t get me wrong, I curse a lot but know when and where to do it. Young ladies cool with this ignorance nowadays? Just seemed a bit much. Damn younger generation!! :rofl:

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I definitely roll my eyes when I hear “can I have whatever has the highest alcohol?”


Mentioned it last time a similar thread was on here but in the UK It’s when you head to a brewpub and find that none of their beers are on. But I guess that’s because a lot of our brewpubs are a Pub Co owned establishment which just happens to occasionally brew a cask or two on/or just have space that’s used by a brewer.


Garage doors, kept open in hot weather.

Goofs who in a brewery’s pub ask, “Do you have Pliny?”

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Definitely thread of the year territory right here.

Really? Women cuss and curse as do men. I may be a youngin, but it is all good.

I was in Slot Oostende, a relatively new brewpub in Goes, Netherlands housed in a converted 16th century building. Lots of money spent with shiny brewing equipment, kitchens etc… They have about 18 lines with theirs and Emelisse who they now own & brew in-house. Obviously if i wanna get my tick on, it makes sense to get a flight.

“Sorry sir we can only do flights for two people”

Sorry what?

“We can only do flights for two people”

But can i just get one flight for me?

“No, sorry. It has to be two flights for two people”

That literally makes no sense at all.

Guess I was raised different. I know women curse but they seem to be a bit less casual in their usage.

The best for me will always be when someone ask for a Coors Light with Clamato when they are in a Brewpub :stuck_out_tongue:


Right here.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when a brewpub or brewery carries Bud (or Miller High Life, which is strangely fetishized by certain craft brewers) or something to appease the idiots.


Went to a concert and garage doors were open in JANUARY!
It actually worked out though honestly.

Having worked in newsrooms for five years, I’d be surprised to meet young ladies who don’t curse as much as I do

The funniest thing I saw was a brewpub during a ticking crawl with @Travlr @radagast83 @GenDV138 and maybe somebody else which had a bunch of really terrible, underfermented and infected beer. They had a list of things to try posted up by the bar by the brewer or someone and about three entries down the list it said “brew a beer to style.”

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What’s the matter with the young ladies? Are they too fragile to hear the word ‘fuck’?

Apparently not. I keep forgetting we live in a world where guys and gals are all the same. Old habits are hard to break I guess. I’m old school. Was raised to be a bit more respectful in mixed crowds.

A friend of mine tried to order a Corona at Coopersmiths in Fort Collins. I was truly embarrassed.