Annual whinge about UK Christmas Beers

Had two today, plus a French one.

The Morland ‘Old Mulled Hen’ was a lot better than I expected actually, a bit sweet but certainly spiced, assume it’s base beer is Old Speckled Hen.

Wychwood’s Brewdolph was a bit bland and very nonseasonal, with very little going on.

Aldi are offering Not great, but a nice little gift pack for an old enemy maybe.

Anyone found something worthy of recommending?


Not a UK beer, but try get hold of this, best Christmas beer I had for many a year…

Its actually showing up on the Ratebeer start page under “Interesting top lists” for “Top Seasonal Beer of the Month”

Haven’t seen, or tried, any yet. But I’m sure most of the UK brewers will, as usual, follow the tradition of making a bog standard beer, putting a reindeer or something to do with santa on the pump clip and - voila - job done. So I won’t be actively seeking any out.

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Just when you think that Christmas Beers couldn’t get worse our reliable providers of fairly dull tinselled up beers, here is the Wetherspoons list for the Advent period :-

Shepherd Neame – Rudolphs Reward 3.7
Hydes – First Frost 3.8
Oakham – Raucous Reindeer 4.0
Rudgate – Evil Elf 4.0
Adnams - Old Ale 4.1
Lancaster – Snowdrop 4.1
Daleside – Santa.s Progress 4.2
Greene King Hardy & Hansons – Rocking Rudolph 4.2
Inveralmond – Bheira 4.3
Naylors – Santa,s Dark Side 4.4
Woodeforde,s - Tinsel Toes 4.4
Ringwood - XXXX Porter 4.7
Caledonian – Bitter Winter 4.8
Batemans – Rosey Nosey 4.9
Mauldons – Bah Humbug 4.9
Titanic - Plum Porter 4.9
Cotleigh – Snowy 5.0
Elgoods – North Brink Porter 5.0
Exmoor – Exmas 5.0
Hanlons – Goodwill 5.0
Milestone – Lincoln Magna Carta 5.0
Otter – Claus 5.0
Sonehenge – Rudolph 5.0
Hook Norton – Twelve Days 5.5
Acorn – Gorlovka 6.0


Btw, I require 8 of them for completion :grinning::+1:

Ugh… I’ve only had one of these but I feel a slight sense of depression just reading that list, knowing damn well most of them won’t be any good. I think the only one I’d even bother trying off that list is the Oakham one as what I’ve had from them has been relatively decent. Titanic’s Plum Porter is apparently quite good too. Other than that I’m not too familiar with any listed and won’t bother seeking any out. Have plenty of Scandinavian Christmas beers already to look forward to instead.

Little Beer Co of Guildford are going for it.

Not sure how I feel about their Christmas special. It’s being branded as a Sahti, so being half Finnish this interested me. However they’re calling it Ragnar (having chickened out from the orginal Ragnar’s Skulfuk), a Viking Sahti. Ragnar’s not a Finnish name. The Finns weren’t Vikings. Clearly it should be branded a Gotolandsdricke. Anyway, at least it’s more interesting than the usual UK Christmas fair.

As well as this beer, they are also releasing a limited additional 10% Iced Beer once a week for the next 6 weeks. Not sure what the exact details are as it was just a mention their Twitter feed. The first was their Milk Stout, so I guess they may all be current beers that have been left in their freezer (or however they are doing it;). Limited to 60 bottles - 30 available from them and 30 from Inn At Home, Guildford. I am not going to be able to get there so if anyone picks me up some that would be much appreciated! :kissing_cat:

Went to the Hogs Back Brewery Shop earlier in the week. They had two tables of Christmas specials, a couple of which of the UK ones looked more interesting than usual. Forgot to pick them up when I was exiting. However this got poor reviews: There was also an Anspach & Hobday offering, which having been through the brewery page on here may be new as I didn’t spot one that looked familiar.

Also an RCH Christmas beer - old stock from prior to their demise?

Acorn Gorlovka, Adnams Old Ale & Elgoods North Brink Porter are very decent but not exactly Christmas beers. I also quite like Hook Norton Twelve Days, which is a Christmas seasonal. I think I’ve had most of the rest but nothing much about them sticks in my memory.

Twelve Days is actually the only one of those I’ve had already. Thought it was nice. Anyway I think many of these are probably bitters/goldens or variations thereof which are one of my least favourite styles, another reason I won’t bother to seek any out, might give the stouts and porters a try if I see any about though.

I much prefer the Scandinavian-style Christmas beers to the UK-style. One of just a few things I miss about Norway.

No contest, best Christmas beers are from Belgium.

You lucky person! Insert envy emoji (which we don’t seem to have)

You forgot when mentioning Reindeer that it’s pumpclip must also have a red flashing light for its nose.

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I agree with you and had a De Dolle Stille Nacht last night.

Hey, l like Rosey Nosey!


Had the Black Sheep blitzen last week while no world beater it was decent enough.

How do you think they were this past holiday season?

Shit again!


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I managed to get through many of the Ridgeway ones this time in bottle and a Banks’s on cask. Underwhelming and nothing much Christmassy about them in truth.