Annual whinge about UK Christmas Beers

I love that beer - bought it in London the first time, and to my great pleasure it was available in Norway for one or two Christmas seasons, then it disappeared from the market here. Glad that it still is being brewed, though.

I have had a few others on the list, but Twelve Days is the only one that made a lasting impression on me.It is not extreme in any way, but nice and well balanced.

A decent Christmas / Yule / Winter beer (ales as well as dark lagers) should be between 5.5% and 8%, in my humble opinion - with a few stronger Belgians added.

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Agreed, Twelve Days is the best UK Christmas themed beer I have tried so far. Gave it a 3.8.

If the Banks’s one was ‘Believe In Your Elf’, I was reliably informed that it was simply Banks’s Bitter (or whatever they call it these days) sold with that badge applied to the handpump over the festive period - so unsurprisingly not very Christmassy!

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