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Another Broken Search

Another Time the New Search fails. Its Clearly 3 words on the Pump clip, so enter it as three words, but as someone added it as oen word. It fails to find it, Where as the Old Search would have had no problem with this

I still remain unconvinced that the new search is fit for purpose, i should not have to guess what i need enter to find a beer


Just bad layouting on the pump clip

But my point is, if i enter what is on the pump clip into the old search, it finds it, if i do it on the new one it doesnt.

I shouldnt have to guess that the Brewery meant it to be one word, when they have clearly put it as three


More interesting is that the search at the top of this page isn’t working just now


I totally agree with the point.

I also had some searches that failed when I knew the beer was in the database (I was mobile so didn’t have time to record what I was doing); this can’t help building the users’ trust.

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searching for The Rat Brewery turned up nada - except many brewers with brewer in the name did show


Because it is not in our database with this name. So the search obviously cant find it.

But if i type Rat Rat and scroll a little I find the beer easily. We just need to get used to the new search even given its not perfect.

Its not getting used to it, its GUESS work what will work.

The Old Search was totally Predicable. It may have given Too many results. But all the results would Match the Search.

Here another Rubbish one, and this happened a lot on my last trip

Looking for Sori bar in Helsinki

Its 10th in the List and None of the other Nine even Have Sori in the name.

This Search is Totally unpredictable, and month Later its still Ruining my RB experience on a regular basis

It’s 10th because that list is sorted by distance (“closest match”).

For example, when I search for sori it is first in the list because I’m closer to Helsinki than you, whilst the Welsh place that you get as a first result is ninth for me as I am a lot further from Wales:

Well It wasnt First when i was in Helsinki

And as i sit in Edinburgh and Type Bat
Im getting

So its got my location wrong and suggesting places that dont have Bat in the Tittle
What use is that. Suggesting places that are not Near me, and dont include the word in the Title.

and Why the assumption i want the Closest place. If i want to Review a place i visited on Holiday. It almost certainly not going to be the Closest.

And yeah if i get the whole name i find it, but its not uncommon for someone to suggest a place and all you remember was that it was something bat etc

But again. I personally to use what i type. Not try and 2nd guess what i might have meant.

are people really happy with these changes. Ive done a lot of Festivals and Travel in the Last few months, and met up with 30ish Ratebeerians about 3/4 of those ive met are still suing Erics App (over 1 year since the new app) or have given up and gone back to paper or electronic notes.

And almost no one ive met has anything good to say about RB anymore.

It seems to think you’re in London :joy:

I’d actually prefer if there was some way to turn off the geo location thing and just get the most relevant search, i.e. if I search for sori, then give me Sori, and not some place nearby called Stori.

I think it’s just the site trying to be too clever and failing.

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And thats my Point. I dont want it to try be Clever and giving me Shit that is of no relevance.
I just want it to do as its told.

It Far rather an Idiot that does what i ask, than some smartarse that assumes im the idiot who dont know what there asking for.

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I didnt want to critize you way of thinking in any way. I understand that the new search is somehow tricky sometimes and you need a couple of attempts to get the right solution, bad compared to the old search. But sometimes the intuitive search is quite useful aswell.

For festivals and talking with other RBs I agree. But for me I never used Erics App nor RBs app. I use Untappd with some quick notes or on festivals even electronic notes and then later copy and expand to RB. Double work of course. So I get your point totally.

:heavy_plus_sign: :one:

To be honest, in multiple cases the new Search behaviour gave me bad results, on the other hand I don’t think my search results were ever improved compared to the old behaviour).
That’s my user experience.

Unfortunately, for many years every technical device and IT system is being dumbed down to be suitable for the lowest common denominator (aka the idiot):

  • removing functional items from interfaces
  • removing buttons from controls
  • removing information
  • exaggerating empty spaces
  • the locking of devices (e.g. Apple policies) to prevent idiots from breaking anything
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Am I the only one who reads this as one word? I mean, those are three syllables but it’s obvious that it is a pun with the brewery’s name and Rasputin, so I am reading it as Ratsputin, which the search produces as first result.

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If id added the beer to the data base id have added as 3 separate words, and you wouldn’t have found it.

But again its not about this or that single case. But about me and not some ‘clever’ algorithm being in control.
The old search would find ratsputin if you typed as one word or 3. And if it doesn’t appear. I know its not there. Not that the algorithm just didn’t think it matched

Hey thanks for the feedback. I know we aren’t perfect on search and to be honest, we haven’t been for 18 years. Search has been a continual struggle. I also know Google has improved the standard for search to practically magical realms. The truth is we aren’t google and we just can’t be. With such a small team, we’re doing pretty good though. And I feel we’re a lot better than we were before 2016. Like the other search took time to master and use most powerfully, it’s taken time to get used to this and understand how to work around it’s limitations and take advantage of the new features.


Keep up the good work Joe, even google search can’t find a rat spu tin beer so I don’t expect ratebeer search to find it.

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