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Another Broken Search

Totally disagree the Old Search Did what it was told. Yeah it didnt Correct your spelling mistakes. and if you didnt give it enough to work with it would give far to many results. But it gave back results that Matched your input

The New one is a FARCE. It causes me problems on a Regular basis
(despite me actually mostly using Erics app)
If i type Black Jack Stout. i expect to find all the results blackjack stout finds.
I shouldnt have to guess or know when someone says the brewerys blackjack,
if they mean “Black Jack” or “blackjack”

The Search change has significantly effected my user experience, making it orders of magnitude worse than it was, and as i said in an eaerlier post in the traveling ive done this year, im finding it harder and harder to find anyone thats got a good thing to say about ratebeer anymore.

The only thing keeping me going is erics app. As that avoids all the issues. I could never go back to using the web site regularly now. The search just causes me far too many problems

see the thing is the old search did.

Don’t have the time to check if it’s mentioned, but if I try to search for beers/breweries/places while I’m on the forums page here, the search doesn’t work at all, doesn’t budge. W10, latest Firefox.


Yeah, it’s been like that for at least a week.


Craig if you’re using eric’s old, you are using old search. Nothing has changed, maybe except for your perception?

Thanks, this is definitely a known issue and on the list of things to do. This last week was full of planning meetings by RateBeer’s now international team (hello Australia). So just me hammering out code changes… Thanks for your patience.

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No when i use eric app im ok. Well apart from the problem now that any beer with no description causes hangs. Then i use the new app.
But i often use the main site when at my desk at work or at home, when doing research.

In this case someone posted to twitter a photo of the pump clip from Edinburgh pub. So i just used the site to look it up and failed to find it. No longer trusting the search i double checked the brewery listing and discover it was there but entertaining exactly what was on the pump clip. Did not return the result that existed.

So many of the Rb people ive met in the last 6 months are using erics app. Does it not concern you that many of your long time heavy users would rather use an unsupported app than the site or the new app