Another Free Beer contest

Passing along the free beer having won Mr Pink’s contest.

I will send out a new rate (dunno what yet - but I’ll guarantee it’s new to the winner - presuming you are up to date on your backlog) … UK only. Probably post next weekend.

Contest is …

The Beach Boys are one of my favourite bands.

Name my top 3 tracks by them.

Only one guess per day.

All 3 is an instant win.

Will consider a tie break if folks get 2.

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Good Vibrations

God Only Knows

I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times

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Paint it Black

Brown Sugar

Gimme Shelter


In My Room
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Surfer Girl

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You coming to Cropredy for Pet Sounds then?

Me and @Fin migth even share a beer with you

Ok I am going for

Sloop John B
Surfin’ USA
Barbara Ann

And to echo @cgarvieuk, Brian Wilson will be at Cropredy this year playing Pet Sounds in it’s entirety, just sayin’?


I Get Around
Good Vibrations
Little Saint Nick

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Sail on Sailor
Sloop John B
I Get Around

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“Happy Endings”
“In My Room”

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@cgarvieuk and @Fin

I obviously never saw the Beach Boys in their hayday but I don’t really want to see an ageing Brian Wilson tbh.

I’m the same with all of the bands from the 60’s/70’s and 80’s I like,

I’ll live with the videos of them that I’ve seen and the music but no desire to see them live in this era.

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So competition update …

All of my songs are up and running … no mega obscure one’s - I wasn’t making it that difficult !

There’s a few people tying with one song each … no one has 2 yet !!!

Time to re-shuffle your guesses tomorrow and if someone gets 2 then they win !

If we’re still struggling I’ll drop clues.

Oh i dont know. I loved Madness and Alice Cooper.
yeah seeing a band in Heydey is always gonna be better , but sometime they still have it,

Plus. Cropredys a Superb festival.

Admit it, you just dont want to share a beer with me and Fin :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve seen a few late 70’s and 80’s bands such as Madness, Heaven 17 etc that have been good fun … just someone as genius as Wilson and not in great health doesn’t really get me interested I’m afraid !

So no sailor theme?

The John B sails?


Good vibrations
Wouldn’t it be nice
Paint it black

God only knows
I get around
Paint it black.

Good vibrations
Wouldn’t it be nice
Barbara Ann