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Another Virtual Bar: Friday 15th Feb 2019


Yet again I find myself home alone (with Bertie the Dog) while the wife goes out. I have a fairly large ‘stash’ so intend to rate a few beers during the evening.

Please join me if you can so I don’t feel like I am drinking by myself.

No rules, just pull up a virtual stool and talk about whatever while sharing whatever beers you are drinking.

It’s all inclusive and anyone/everyone is invited as usual.



Spread the word and book in on the Events Page: https://www.ratebeer.com/event/56656/

I shall be drinking and rating beers from different countries this time around. Come and join me for a Post-Valentines beer or three.



Alright I may be around after going to the pub after work. Not too late a night though as I wanna do Bermondsey the following day.


I might be around after some early evening beers in the way home from work.


The wife’s out on Friday and then off to a hen weekend so I’ve got a range of gifted beers and supermarket purchases to get/drain pour through. Plus a few decent beers.


Sounds tempting. I’m free, but I’ve got the kids from Saturday morning onwards so might stop by (virtually) for one.


Started loading the fridge; Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands represented so far, along with South Korea and England.



Is that the Beer52 South Korean beer that’s actuall brewed in Belgium:)


Yes, haven’t tried any yet; hopefully they’ll be interesting and enjoyable.



Bump, it’s today!



I just asked for a coffee and a Danish and the grumpy old sod at the bar said no … come back at 11.

Cmon its 2019 FFS!


I was boozing well past midnight (even in UK times) last night - does that count?

If not, there’s a sharing sesh tonight, but I’ll be on my phone so can’t use RB at all, hence there’ll be no bon mots from moi later.


First customer in my Virtual Bar today was a Weasel.

I was really excited, never had a Weasel in my bar before.

“What you be having?” Said I.

“Pop!” Goes the Weasel.



Still in the bar and will be heading to the virtual bar later. Just tried a flight of all the Tiny Rebel collabs. Really nice selection.

Heading to meet some drinking buddies. Then to our virtual bar.



Right, my first beer will be from Tiny Rebel too!

But not until about 19:00, as I have tasks to do first.



Quick trip to Hop Locker and Waterloo Tap on the way home. Bumped into a minor celebrity around these parts @Theydon_Bois and Andy from Elusive Brewery who continues to earn his reputation as the nicest man in UK craft beer.

Will join come down to the bar once the boy is asleep - so any time between 19:00 and 20:00. Any later than that and I will the bar grouch.


Starting off with Carling Premier. It’s Carling from a can, but with nitro. What a time to be alive.

Used to drink Carling at uni. It was a combination of lack of choice (two lagers and two ciders at the student union bar) and complete ignorance. £2 a pint though.


Just a pre-drinks beer; only 500ml though.

A pleasant 4.7% ABV brew from Devon.



Time for something a bit more respectable. And it’s “independent craft” too (sorry AB InBev overlords)! But no stupid independent craft drainpour logo on the bottle, however.