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Any interest in a DACH - EX-Yu meet-up?

Hi friends!

So, there’s this idea I have in my head, and haven’t really talked about with anyone.

Would there be any interest in a small meet-up over a weekend in Spring, some sort of joint gathering of the Ex-Yu, DACH and other RB people who can make it? I’d guess that Slovenia would be a good meeting spot, but I’d be happy to host in Graz as well. The scene here is slowly picking up pace a little.

Or, if you wanna do it more informally, that’d be fine with me as well. Maybe a day in Maribor with a visit to Pivarna and then a bus to Bevog in Bad Radkersburg?


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I could be interested in this depending on time and location :stuck_out_tongue: You probably have to offer a bit more for non austrian DACH members to come though (since its further on). I have been to Maribor like two years ago. The beer shop is nice, but the pubs and bars are all mediocre (at best). It might have changed some (but not judging by the place listings)… Honestly not that interested in Bevog (and it is kinda out of the way of everything)
I could be interested to go to Zagreb, since I somehow never been.
Not sure there are any other interesting places in Slovenia (apart from Ljubljana). Maybe a joint visit to Koper/Trieste, since those two are close to each other?

I’d definitely be up to it depending on the time and the financial situation of course - and would be really glad to host / organize something in Zagreb. :slight_smile: Plenty of stuff to do here nowadays! :slight_smile: And would of course do my best to make a visit to Slovenia or Graz happen.

I’m sure there would be local interest but people don’t visit the boards nowadays… So let’s see…
@MarkoNm @Iznogud @CanCrusher @hrabren @kajser27 etc…

Damn… a ton of people don’t have new forum handles…

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This might be interesting, As for Slovenia, Maribor is fine and all, but apart from Pivarna and Lobik not much to visit there. The same for Koper, really - just a place or two worthy of real visit. Ljubljana on the other hand is more appropriate place for such an event probably - lots of stuff there. Though I myself would still prefer Zagreb, because I haven’t really checked out their craft beer scene yet. But in the ned, Zagreb and Ljubljana are only a good 2hrs drive from eachother.

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I’d love to meet up in Zagreb!

Yeah as others said I don’t think Maribor has enough to offer for a proper meetup. Also I’m not that much into Bevog - we can meet there during Who Cares festival.

Ljubljana and of course Zagreb both sound doable. As long as I’m in town. Arranging a tasting session in one of the beer bars in Zagreb shouldn’t be too much of a problem either.

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I’m all for both. Been to Ljubljana two times in the past year or ao and can only recommend it. Slovenias scene is booming for such a small country. Zagreb two years ago was great, you could see that the scene there as quickly evolving. Would be great to go back soon!

I would be interested in both, maybe a bit more in Zagreb, since I have not been. But I really like Ljubljana, so I dont mind going back (and there are probably a ton of places I missed anyway).
Any suggestions for a date? @Marko?

I am not uninterested. Of course the date must work, also the location must be rachable easy by plane for me. And easy means also not too expensive. For the interested, the more east the better :slight_smile:

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Depending on what I am doing next year (dont know yet) and depending on date I might consider this aswell after I missed the Vienna meeting.

Huh… it’s tough to suggest dates honestly.

Fakin Craft Beer Bar, a solid candidate for the best craft beer pub in Zagreb and Croatia, is celebrating its birthday on April 7th I reckon, which is a Sunday. I’d bet that they will make something special for that event.

If we wanna do it earlier, it shouldn’t be a problem either.

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Actually, it looks like I will be going to Stockholm that weekend. I had planned to go there anyway, and a guy I know is doing a tasting that weekend, and apparently there are also anniversary celebrations by Omnipollo Hatt that weekend… :stuck_out_tongue:

So for me probably the date is not that good. But if its a good date in general then I say go ahead :slight_smile: I should be able to do most other dates though (before May that is)

I’d be up for that!

Hi everyone,

Zagreb and Ljubljana both sound great. May suits me better than March or April (except March 2nd and 3rd if we’re talking about the weekend) for Ljubljana. Zagreb is fine whenever, welcome :slight_smile:

Connection to Zagreb is more easy for me but what we need now is someone to make the organisation…

Still not sure I’ll make it, but if needed I can check with places for grand tasting. Depends how grand would it be and date/time. I’m pretty sure it can be arranged.

Zagreb is quite compact, not a lot of places so bar tour can easily be done with tram or taxi. If you want to hit breweries you’ll have to use taxi since they are out of town.

So… Sometimes in Fall or 2020? :smiley:


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